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Take control of growth, Growthcast.
Only from Floriss.

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Our proprietary Growthcasting methodology delivers
top-line growth via the Re-Alignment, Re-Development,
and Re-Deployment of new growth platforms.

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Deliver the desire and ability to change
by creating a growth culture capable of
balancing creativity and compliance,
cultivating an intrinsic need to define
and conquer new goals.

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Deliver effective strategy execution by balancing
the inspiration and investment in your people,
processes and technology, enabling new standards
of performance.

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Deliver forecast growth targets by achieving
a balance of diversity and harmony within
formal and informal operating units, cultivating
a universal discipline of winning.

When I think of Floriss, the word catalyst comes to mind…, coupled with their ability to gain instantaneous trust with their constituency makes them a powerhouse with any sales organization. Their work with my organization has been transformational. They leave no room for excuses or mediocrity…only actionable results.

Christine Copper, Director of Donor Recruitment at American Red Cross


Floriss, the nation’s leading growth engagement and business transformation firm.

Corporate growth does not have to be the product of chance, dependent upon market and economic forces beyond your control. Growth can be a predictable, repeatable pursuit when your leaders are guided by a transformational mind-set, skill-set and tool-set.

Take control of growth, Growthcast. Only from Floriss.

Special Events

LeanGrowth: Grow Where You’re Great Series


Businesses that practice Lean Growth commit themselves to identifying and removing waste from the process of creating and retaining new customers, while accelerating both revenue and profitability. As every business owner knows, this is no easy feat – unless you are following a systematic and proven process.

LeanGrowth: Grow Where You’re Great is a four-part series designed and presented by leading growth experts, James Rores of The Floriss Group and Brad Circone of Circone + Associates. James and Brad will present a successful step-by-step process that has helped hundreds of small and midsize businesses accelerate and sustain their growth.

Join us.
When: Wednesday, October 22, 8:30am to 3:30pm
Where: Fawcett Center
Cost: $175
Register today »

James has led many powerful and informative workshops to help business leaders create customized plans to “Take Control of Growth.” Download the latest presentation from his April 8 webinar or contact James directly to discuss how an Impact Analysis of your sales and customer-facing teams can help you “Take Control of Growth”.

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Don Hunter

“Recommended to any entrepreneur or Fortune 500 CEO interested in experiencing exponential growth … immediate, tangible results.”

Don HunterPresident
Lisa Reed

“Powerful, accessable, and immediately applicable layers of value.”

Lisa ReedDirector of Product Development
Ray Katter

“Tactical smarts, strategic instincts, and a broad business acumen.”

Ray KatterCTO
Tim Hayes

“Methodologies founded in deep experience, a track record, and a healthy understanding of people .”

Tim HayesVice President

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